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Keep Your Kitchen Safe With Proper Hood Cleaning Practices

Having an exhaust hood in your kitchen is the first step towards safety. But, if your exhaust hood isn’t clean, you are putting your staff, your customers, and yourself at risk. The team at Northland Fire & Safety of Superior, WI, performs professional exhaust hood cleaning for commercial kitchens.

Even if you have top-of-the-line equipment, it is still susceptible to grease buildup. This collection of grease is a major fire hazard and needs to be removed promptly. For optimal safety, hood cleaning should be done regularly by both staff and kitchen exhaust cleaning professionals.

Your restaurant must perform exterior hood cleaning on a daily basis. This includes degreasing and wiping down duct work, inspecting exhaust fans, applying polish, and more. This makes for a cleaner, healthier kitchen and will help you reduce potential fire hazards.

A complete cleaning can be performed less frequently but must be conducted by a professional. The frequency of hood cleaning depends on the volume of your output. Monthly hood cleaning is required of systems providing solid fuel cooking. High-volume operations—like 24-hour service—need quarterly hood cleaning. If your output is moderate, semi-annual cleaning is sufficient. If only used minimally, one kitchen exhaust cleaning per year is enough.

For more information on kitchen hood cleaning practices, contact the experts at Northland Fire & Safety in Superior. Visit their Facebook page or website to learn about all of the fire protection equipment and services they offer. Call today at (715) 398-6643 to schedule regular or one-time maintenance services.

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