grease fire in pan

4 Ways to Fight & Prevent Grease Fires Starting With Fire Extinguishers

Whether you’re cooking over a hot stove at home or in a restaurant, grease fires are a serious cause for concern. The best way to avoid these dangerous outbursts is through prevention techniques and thorough preparation. That’s why locals throughout Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Minnesota, and North Dakota depend on Northland Fire. As experts in...

fire extinguisher usage chart

Fire Extinguisher Guide: How They Work

Fire extinguishers provide the first line of defense in the event of a blaze incident involving commercial and residential buildings. However, investing in extinguishers won’t serve a purpose without learning how the fire protection equipment works. To help you understand these essential safety tools, Northland Fire shares some useful information about operating fire extinguishers....

discharging fire extinguisher

3 Benefits of Fire Extinguishers

Whether the incident occurs in a restaurant or your own home, keeping fire extinguishers on-site can make all the difference in preventing small fires from turning into a four-alarm blaze. But do you really understand the full impact of this fire protection equipment? As the team at Northland Fire, explains, understanding the facts helps...

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