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Waterless Fire Suppression






Computer and other electronic systems today represent a considerable asset in every company. And because fires in electronic systems develop slowly, that makes them particularly dangerous. The earlier and more reliably sources of fire are detected, the sooner the fire extinguishing system can go into action. Effective protection of people, buildings, business resources and data depends on how perfectly this chain functions. Siemens offers solutions at the leading edge of technical development for every phase, from detection to intervention.

Detectors from Siemens discover sources of fire immediately and in most cases pinpoint them before an open blaze can develop. At the same time the built-in intelligence in the system ensures that the dangers are evaluated correctly in order to avoid production losses due to false alarms.

Sinorix extinguishing systems make perfect enhancement for fast, foolproof fire detection. In the event of a fire an automatic extinguishing system intervenes instantly, with the result that the fire is extinguished rapidly or smothered in its very early stages.

The Sinorix engineered system nozzles are designed to provide rapid and thorough mixing of extinguishing agent with the air in the protected space and to provide coverage for a large area.


Choosing the proper fire protection strategy for your building will determine how your business survives. When it matters most, rely on Siemens' superior fire technology to protect your business, assets, and the environment.

Siemens has been a world leader in protecting people, buildings, and assets for over 60 years. We are committed to providing safe, reliable, and sustainable solutions to our customers' facilities. After decades of comprehensive analysis of fire-smoke data, extensive fieldwork, and testing in the world's largest fire lab, we can confidently state that no one understands fire better than Siemens.

server room with stacks of electronic equipment - clean agent system needed

Sinorix 227 Waterless Fire Extinguisher System

sinorix 227 clean agent system installed in server room
  1. Fire detection and extinguishing control panel
  2. Fire detector
  3. Aspirating smoke detector
  4. Combined sounder beacon
  5. Alarm sounder
  6. Electrical manual actuator
  7. Emergency stop button for extinguishing system
  8. Warning display
  9. Sinorix 227 extinguishing agent cylinders
  10. Piping network with nozzles
  11. Overpressure flap