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Avoid Restaurant Fires With Professional Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Running a restaurant is a delicate balancing act. Between dealing with the staff, vendors, schedules, and bookkeeping, it’s easy to let regular maintenance start to slide. However, Northland Fire, a premier provider of fire suppression systems and kitchen exhaust cleaning services indicates that many restaurants open themselves up to the risk of a fire by simply not taking adequate maintenance precautions.

To help prevent kitchen fires in your restaurant or commercial kitchen, follow these three safety tips from the team at Northland Fire & Safety:

Make Regular Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning A Priority: Also known as hood cleaning, kitchen exhaust cleaning is a seriously important part of fire prevention. In commercial kitchens, grease can accumulate in the exhaust ducts and vents at an alarmingly fast rate. When left to collect long term, the buildup can lead to inadequate ventilation and even cause a fire. You should opt for professional kitchen exhaust cleaning every 90 days for maximum fire prevention.

Check Your Fire Extinguishers Every 3 Months: If you don’t think about the state of your fire extinguishers until you need them, you put your kitchen and restaurant at serious risk. According to the safety professionals from Northland Fire & Safety, you should perform a full check of all the fire extinguishers on the premises four times a year.

Install A Restaurant Fire Suppression System: Northland Fire sells appliance specific fire suppression systems that are specially made for commercial kitchen environments. These systems offer excellent coverage and can stop anything from grease fires to electrical fires.

Without properly cleaning your kitchen equipment on a regular basis, you are putting your entire business and staff in harm’s way. Not only are kitchen fires extremely dangerous, they are also expensive and time-consuming to fix. To learn more about professional kitchen exhaust cleaning services and other techniques to avoid a fire in your restaurant, visit Northland Fire online or call directly.

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